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The TempleOS Simplified Team is completely community maintaned and funded; without those people, this site would be nothing. As a result, it goes without saying that we all owe a lot to the people willing to make it happen.

And Terry; above all else, this site and this community would not be unified if it were not for your charisma and knowledge. May you rest in peace, our benevolent King.

Our Team!

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Founder & Main Editor of TempleOS Docs, HolyC tinkerer and explorer! I love to document my journey in discovering all that there is to TempleOS.
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Creator of 3Days; A HolyC compiler for Linux and Windows. Full-time compiler genius. Greatly contributed to the development of the HolyC Docs.
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Tudor Hutu

Fan of Terry's work and TempleOS. Contributes with knowledge about Docusaurus.