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Before continuing we should acknowledge some pre-defined keybindings which will become helpful in the following pages and chapters. It's about time we put such a creation to good use. It's alright if you don't understand the functionality of each keybinding, as their uses will be explored throughout this site. For good practice; keybindings are seperated into sections based on where they appear throughout this site. E.g, the "Essential" keybindings are highly important and are introduced in the First Chapter.

(Super Key) refers to the Windows Key or on Mac.

TempleOS Specific


SpaceA keyboard alternative to the Left Mouse Button (LMB).
EnterSimilarly; an alternative to the Right Mouse Button (RMB).
F1Displays your Help Menu.
Ctrl + MDisplays your Personal Menu.
EscapeSave & Quit an application.
Shift + EscapeAbort & Quit an application.
Hold to reveal the drop-down menu; navigate through using the arrow keys.